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Rate Alerts Can Save You $$$!

The mortgage rate and bond markets move all day every day. I use Live trading charts with fundamental and technical analysis to stay ahead of major market movements and protect my clients. You can also get daily or weekly rate alerts and mortgage market news.

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Rate Quotes and the Loan Analyzer!

My no hassle quotes are just that. No credit check, no loan application or paystubs. I'll provide rate and cost quotes with a detailed analysis to help you decide which options make the most financial sense for your purchase or refinancing options. We use custom software to provide you every detail imaginable!

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First Time Home Buyer Programs

Zero down, 1% down, 3 % down. How does it all work? There are many first time homebuyer programs available today. Loans with or without mortgage insurance. Programs with income restrictions or none at all. What are the tradeoffs and which one is best for you?

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