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I grew up in the Denver metro area and am a Colorado native. Currently residing in Littleton with my supportive wife, aka "super mom" and 3 teenagers. Volleyball, yard work, and church youth service keeps me busy outside of work. It is a great opportunity to be able to serve my friends and family in the area. I consider every client a friend.

My company, The Mortgage Advisors, is based on educating home buyers and borrowers about how mortgages really work and finding the best loan options and loan programs for your situation. I believe that if you can understand the basics of how mortgages work, you will be empowered to make the BEST mortgage decision for your unique scenario. I've been in the business for 20 years with experience as a Realtor, financial advisor, and in appraising. The most frustrating thing I've found is that the consumer is unable to get the straight scoop on mortgages. Too many advertisers use gimmicks and prey on people's emotions. I want to help you understand the real choices that are available and the related benefits and consequences.

Mortgages are not like auto loans, mortgage rates are not controlled by the Federal Reserve, and mortgage rates actually don't change at all! In fact all of the rates are always available and it's the cost of each rate that changes based on the bond market. Did your brain just fall out? Probably not what you’ve heard on the news or in mortgage advertisements right? But it's the truth!

I work with private mortgage banks that specialize in providing low cost mortgage rates and services. Then I use proprietary software to help you compare loan programs, rates, and costs to see which one makes the most sense. I also compare the True Break Even Point ™  on your loan to see WHEN that super low rate, that usually costs a few extra points, is better than a No Cost Loan, which has a slightly higher interest rate. After all, it's the mortgage itself that should be treated like an investment.  It’s all in the numbers and I will help you see for yourself what makes the most sense on a purchase or refinance!

I’m solely dedicated to helping you get the best loan at the best price and at The Mortgage Advisors we answer our phones and take texts after hours and on the weekends!

Michael D Shaw
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The Mortgage Advisors LLC
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